The farmer Gintautas Žebelys grows industrial hemps in his organic farm located in the District of Tauragė in Lithuania. Surrounded by the forest farm is located in the territory of Mažonai at the territory of Pagramantis Regional Park near the confluence of the rivers Jūra and Šunija.

The farmer’s fields have not been fertilized with chemicals for tens of years.

Organic hemps is one of the world’s oldest cultivate plants, they are valued all over the world due to their wide range of uses.

On the eco farm of G. Žebelys, industrial hemps started to grow 8 years ago.

The main product of this farm is organic hemp tea. The flowers and leaves are picked and sorted by hands. It is dried responsibly and slowly so that valuable properties and color do not disappear.

A small part of the harvest is packed in a certified factory.

Currently, the hemp tea is packed in a packages of 20-25 g.

Hemp tea – is beautiful yellow-ish, naturally fragrant and delicate.

People use it for the prevention of various diseases too. Can be used as a tea and on the outside. Appropriate for taking relaxing bathes.

You can buy our tea in a veriety of healthy product stores in Lithuania and other countries.

My organic hemp products:

* hemp flowers and leaves,

* hemp cbd raw material,

* hemp tea,

* hemp protein,

* hemp stalks,

* hemp roots.

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Gintautas Žebelys

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Address: Kelmynės k. 2, Mažonai, Tauragė district, Lithuania.

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