My name is Gintautas Žebelys and I am a farmer, growing industrial hemps in my organic eco-friendly farm located in the district of Tauragė in Lithuania. The farm is at the confluence of two rivers called Jūra and Šunija. I have been farming at this paradisiacal place since 2013.

I organically grow hemp, flax and other medicinal herbs. My main goal has and will always be eco-friendly and organic farming. NOTHING was ever chemically fertilized in my farm.

The hemp leaves and buds are hand-picked and dried in a certified dryer and a part of it is prewrapped at a local agricultural factory. The other part is packed straightaway in a certified medicinal herb factory. There are two different packagings.

Everything we harvest is officially marked as Pagramantis‘ regional treasure and has a special stamp to assure it.

The selection of our products is continually and steadily growing. And the result of our hard work is quality over quantity at all times.

We strive to offer quality, health-improving products and a great customer service for both Lithuania‘s customers as well as the ones from abroad.

If you have any requests or questions feel free to contact me at

Gintautas Žebelys

ID nr. 36709241292

VAT payer nr: LT100012827415

Address: Kelmynės k. 2, Mažonai, Tauragė district, Lithuania.

Bank acc. Nr. LT264010051003826384